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KYLE SEIPEL / PETER BIONDO At the end of 2009, Kyle Seipel's and Peter Biondo's passion for drag racing took on a new meaning. While on a family vacation, the cross country long time close friends began talking about putting on a big buck bracket race of their own. By the second night, they had 10 pages full of notes and ideas. Kyle explains, "It was pretty simple. It was ten pages full of what we would want in a bracket event if we were racing in it."

Just a few short months later, these 10 pages turned into a reality in the form of the Spring Fling in Tennessee in April 2010. In a day and age where racers putting on races were few and far between, the duo took a chance that most of their peers thought was crazy. They rented a high-end facility, guaranteed $20,000 to win each day, and worked feverishly to put together a race model that engaged the racers with excitement and all kinds of prizes and fun. Their motto was 'Race It. Experience It.'

Fast forward a few years and Biondo and Seipel decided to take another leep of faith and bring big buck bracket racing to the west coast. Again, peers told them they were crazy to guarantee big money out west. It fell on deaf ears; the duo listened to their gut and opened up the gates for the Spring Fling in Vegas in April 2013. After 7 years of partnership and over 20 years of friendship, they continued to expand - going to a third event, called the Fall Fling in 2017.

Despite living on opposite ends of the map, Biondo and Seipel continually work with each other each day, tirelessly thinking of ideas to keep the Fling brand going strong. Most importantly, they, along with their wives and children, share the same passion for the sport of drag racing that their fathers Sam and Ted had 40 years ago.


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