-I have had the privilege to attend many large races over the years and the 2012 K&N Spring Fling ranks as the best race I have ever been to. By no means have the other races not been good, but this was spectacular and should be a tier that other track operators and promoters should try to achieve.

The hard work, organization, consistency and energy that Peter and Kyle have built into this race had to exceed anyone's expectations that attended.
I explained it to someone today that I felt it had the energy and racing of a top tier Big Bucks Bracket Race and the organization and excitement of a NHRA National event.

Great representation by sponsors, great exposure for the companies who were involved, continuous racing action and more tough competition then anyone could ask for.

459 Cars! Wow!! You could say "great weather forcast" or "great facility and staff", or possibly "great location and timing" and I would have to agree. But I think that those who have attended over the past 2 years knew what they could expect again and brought a few buddies this year and didn't think twice about how far they traveled or what the weather was going to be like.

I have only heard great things about the Live Broadcast presented by JEGS that Mark Walter produced and I'm sure it will only create a longer 1st round next year! Thanks to both, racers friends and family felt like they were right there each day.
Thanks fellas for a great event!

Scott Lemen

-I arrived Wed at 12:30. And I was met at the gate by Kyle. He was thanking everyone for coming and introducing himself to everyone.
This weekend was run so WELL it is unbelievable. The Bristol crew did a fantastic job; the announcers were out of this world also. Peter was all over the place making sure everything was running smooth; I just don’t have the words to explain how wonderful a weekend it was.
Scott Lemon came by my trailer and introduced himself to me and thanked me for posting on DRR. What a heck of a nice guy. And was nice talking to him and getting to know him.
I met a lot of guys that post on here so now I can put a face to a Sig. Corky (Evan Kirk) has the right pic in his Sig. Was nice meeting you Evan, really enjoyed it, just wish you could have brought Pink and Lanning with you. Guess they were SCARRED LOL.
Again I would like to thank all the sponsors, PETER and KYLE, the crew at Bristol and all the racers for the best racing this country has seen in years.
If you didn’t show up for the “Spring Fling 2012” you missed the best racing weekend of the year.
PS >< Peter, I think you need to take a Driving class from Kyle LOL
Thanks Guys, Brian Mollison

-wow where do i start! 1st-i am very tired! 2nd-what an event,the best race anywhere in the country.if you havent attended,you need to (or maybe not/it's at about capacity now) i would like to thank in no po-tick-ular order peter, and kyle for delivering on everything advertised about this event.putting the racers first,instead of the promoters.every call made at this event was the correct one.this is the reason this event continues to grow year after year.thanks to all of the staff at bristol for keeping 450 cars organized (cowboy is the man) thanks to all the sponsors for donating product to us racers.please support the sponsors who support us racers! thanks to jared and michael for some great announcing.(jared you da man dawg)thanks to anthony and his staff for working for days to fix all of us a great meal (it takes alot,ALOT) of work to feed that many prople at one time.anthony is about the nicest guy on the planet,he would give ya the shirt off his back if you needed it.the party was off the hook, i turned in a little early that night after not acting my age until about 4am in the morning. me and amanda had a great time and met alot of new friends and cant wait to do it all over again next year!thanks to sparco for donating the suit that i won,nitroplate for donating the gift certificate i won,and pete for the $ i won. thanks again,chad and amanda. aka. flava flav aka.traylorpark

-2300 miles and worth every single mile marker......I dont think its possible to have a better run race at a nicer facility.....Nuf said

Robert Kenyon


-incredible race once again! had a great time, really like the way the program was ran. tell anthony the food was incredible! we are planning our vacation for the 'fling' next year! thank you to the ENTIRE STAFF!
Ron Campbell

-I never made it to Bristol's Spring Fling,but thanks to Kyle and Pete,and Mark Walters,it was like being there,the only way I could have enjoyed it more would have been being there it was awesome....................
And to Jed and Micheal and the cast of thousands,I have to say it was some of the most fun (without being there)I have ever experienced,the racing was great and the car count was good,and the live chat and video was outstanding,just want to say a Big Thank You to all who put this together..............Thank You...........
When you have to stay in because of illness or other issues and can't make the races,this is the greatest ever............................
Other race promoters could learn alot from these guys.............Jed for President of something................... Big Grin..................
Almost forgot,no buybacks all weekend,the way racing ought to be when you have a good car count,jmho.............................
Mike Hawks

-It's amazing how this race has grown in just 3 years. By far the best big money race ever. Heard cars were going down the track about every 35 seconds. Didn't get my hands on any of the money this year but did bring home some chrome Dynatech headers. Thanks Peter, Kyle, Spring Fling staff, Bristol's staff and the guys working the lanes all weekend. Had an awesome time again, can't wait till next year. Good call on the no byebacks, probably saved me some money. Lol
Jeremy York


- With that many cars I dont see how you could have done anything any better. I got a piece of the money on thursday. Made it into third round on friday and got to watch the racing after a first round loss on saturday and sunday. It was my first time at the event. I well be back. Great job.
Phil Myers


-I would like to say that my family and I had the best time ever at the spring fling thanks
Archie Davis


- My first time and I am planning on the next already. Best bracket race ever, payout, facility, people, are the best.
Dennis DiValerio


-‎1st timer and had a ball. Couldnt get pass 3rd, not sure why a 499 wont work. Then i found out 4.98 wasnt no better.. ..With that be said. Ok Motor hook me up. GOLF CART BABY!!! Best part was the new friends i meet and made...Hope to make it next year.
Eric Mann





Peter, Kyle, and the entire Spring Fling Event Staff,

On behalf of myself, Kevin, and the rest of our Team Dragon Racing Fuel crew along wwith Dragon Racing Fuels, we want to extend our sincerest "Thanks" for one outstanding event last weekend at Bristol Dragway!

As you both know, we normally do not venture outside of our NHRA/IHRA class racing and our decision to do so in this instance was definitely a good one.  From the time we arrived at the facility to the time we departed, we were made to feel like we were very welcome and there was a lot of gratitude being spread around from not only your event staff, but also the Bristol Dragway staff as well.

I can't think of one single thing that we did not like about the event, (minus the lack of bringing home some dough...lol!). It was well thought out, well run five plus days right down to the quick (and smart) decision to move to eighth mile competition on Friday.

The announcing was great, dinner was delicious (Next time I'll stick to speaking on the mic and not singing into it....eek) and the racing action was of course, absolutely second to none.  You guys truly know what it's all about and how to take care of your "customers" as you were both more than accommodating to not only our race team, but also the representatives on hand for Dragon Racing Fuels, too.

Based on my very first experience ever at an event of this type, it not only met but exceeded my expectations.

We very much look forward to attending "The Fling" in the years to come and please don't hesitate to ask, should I be able to help in some way.

Thanks again and see you guys soon!

Kathy Fisher

First off I want to say thank you to everyone involved with this race.  My family owns and operates Richmond Dragway so I know how much effort a race like this takes. THANK YOU....It was the best most enjoyable race that I have been too.  I think everything was run great and it was a very professional atmosphere but extremely friendly.  I wanted to know about the paycheck that I didn't pick up on Sunday will that be mailed to me?  Once again thanks for everything can't wait till next year!

Brandon Davis

I had a great time! track is beautiful,the weather was nice, and the hospitality was 2nd to none! Thank you right back!

p.s. anyone get a pic of Big Pimp(kyle)with his green suit and "crunk" glass?

Mike Argoe

Thanx again Peter, we had a great time & cant wait for next year ! we will for sure be back

The Hopkins Family

Not too much to say But WOW what a job you ALL do. Kyle and Peter you deserve the success that is a result of your hard work!Thank you for what you guys are doin for the sport and racers! Pretty sure you guys have got it right! 

eathon lanfri

This is one event every racer needs to put on their Bucket List. Hats off to Kyle and Peter for a great event. One of our slogans here in Bristol thanks to JByrd is "Exceed Expectations" ... Kyle and Peter do just that.. If you missed this race in 2011...my advice... DON"T miss the 2012 Edition.....

Red Whitmore

Just wanted 2 say thanks to everybody involved in the Spring Fling at Bristol that was by far one of the best races I have ever been involved with!! Pete, Kyle I couldn't have felt more welcome than I did!! I appreciate you putting it on!! I most definitely recommend coming and running this race if u haven't ever!! It was a dream come true 2 win it and for my buddy 2 be beside. Me in the finals was just awesome!!! Also wanna say thanks 2 Scott Duggins at Par race engines couldn't have done it without his help and also I strongly recommend attending Scott Richardson's driving school if u haven't he is extremely helpful Thanks Scott

Kevin Brannon

X2 What KB said!!! Great race even without me winning LOL...Congrats to all the winners as well as every one involved with the race...Pete, Kyle and families as well as the entire staff at Bristol. Also great Job with the announcing to Jared, you didnt even need to see the races, with him announcing you got all the info as well as a big smile from him cracking you up. Great Job to all

Donny Urban

-Thx goes out 2 Peter, Kyle, and everyone that was involved with this race. Already looking forward 2 next year and if you have never been start planning now because it is def worth it. Congrats 2 my bro KB on winning friday and like he said it was like a dream for us both 2 make it 2 the finals.

Shane Maddox

Love the 1000' ft racing, great time had by all of us, looking forward to next year already!!!

Mikey B

-I have to say this was one of the best races Ive went to. Broke every 29 cent part on 2 cars but still had a blast. Big props to Jared on the speaker. The best I have ever heard. I too was sorry his voice gave out. Big props to Pete and Kyle for organizing a great race. The head chef Anthony is the man ! He worked his tail off all day and the chops were awesome. This race is already on my calender next year.

Bill Webb

Wednesday -After going through tech I discover I have no alternator belt. No biggie. Fixed it.

Thursday - After getting the W first round I proceed to slide in my own water in the shutdown area (I forgot to empty the overflow tank from last weekend). A bent spoiler, wheelie bars, and flat spots on all four corners was the damage.

Friday - I suck it up and put shoes on all four corners. Stage for my first time shot and the car backs out of the beams. No problem. Make a band adjustment and get ready for first round. Car backs out of the beams again. Damn....suck it up and pull the trans out. I was lucky enough to be parked next to someone that does trans. The news wasn't good. Basically everything inside the case was burned or going. Strip my buddies glide for parts and put her back together. I'm ready to go.

Saturday - I go up to make my time shot. I'm next to be pulled in the box. Hit the starter button...Zing!!! Zing!!! F*ck!!! Tow it back to the pits to find broken teeth on the flywheel. Screw it!!! I'm going home. 10 minutes later my friend and i are up underneath the car again changing the flywheel. Make it in time for first round. Run out by .007. Enter the 32 door car shootout. Everything thing works finally!! Lucky enough to defeat scotty richardson first round. Second round I run out by .033 on the brakes. WTF!!!

Today - I woke up with a hangover.

I cant wait to do it again next year!!! Awesome race.

Daryl Pinder

I'd like to thank Peter,Kyle,Emily,Karen,the Bristol staff for all their hard work for an incredible program. Anthony Bertozzi,Rodney and the crew for the feast we all enjoyed Saturday night. (If you left Saturday night hungry its your own fault). The food was outstanding!! To all the sponsors who made it possible every day, every round, to win something; being there to answer product questions,supply parts, thank you. From having Peter walking the lanes to meet and greet making sure you felt welcome. The best announcers making sure you knew what was happening round after round awesome. Jeg Coughlin,his family and crew there racing along with you. The weather was great, track conditions were great (even though we had to go to 1/8th one day because of weepers) if you had a bad time at Bristol and the Sparco/K&N Spring Fling it wasn't because they did anything wrong.My hats off to you. See you in 2012 


I was at the Spring Fling for the first time this last weekend,. I wanted to say that it was the most fun that I have ever had at a race track. I can't wait to go back next year!

I was also wondering how do I go about getting t-shirts, since I was to late to get one while I was down there?

Thank you,

wanted to take time to thank you and Peter for a well run race and I sure hope its not the last Spring fling for me. the Sat Night Party was a blast!

Glenn Truitt



  Participated in the Spring Fling in Bristol this past weekend and wanted to let the two of you know how much this family enjoyed the event. This was our first time at Bristol and was very pleased with the facility, professionalism and track prep. Regarding the event itself, it was very well organized and all our questions were answered without hesitation. We met and raced with new friends, enjoyed the bbq and entertainment.
  We loved racing the 1000'. We are 1/4 mile racers from up North so this was a new experience for us. We felt that the 1000' racing was fair for everyone involved.  We are looking forward to attending this event next year and bringing more of our racing friends from the North.
  We also learned a valuable lesson this past weekend, NEVER listen to the weather man.
  Last, before we left on Sunday we wanted to purchase five of the Spring Fling t-shirts. If there are still any available could you please e-mail me and let me know how to go about purchasing them.
  Again, Thank you both for a great event. See you next year.
Gary Leasure Sr., Kim Leasure & Gary Leasure Jr.

  Kyle/Peter and Crew: I really enjoyed the Spring Fling and our Inside Drag Racing program should be a great reflection of the race weekend. Thanks for your help and your attention to all details. Congrats on a highly successful weekend.  I can’t wait to get into the editing suite.  Here’s to a job well done! 

All the best,

Doc Riley
Producer, Inside Drag Racing

  Wow what a weekend, pretty much anything that can happen at the track happened to us this weekend but we still had a great time! We get to hang out with the Bristol staff a lot... great people.  It was great seeing all of our friends, meeting a lot of the DRR people and to finally meet you guys Jared & Kyle! The bbq for Jim was a lot of fun and you guys were hilarious to watch! LOL

Madilyn had a great time in the ET booth & couldn't believe how many of you recognized her, of course she mostly handed out the losing tickets, well except for John's last ticket on Sat, she had fun bringing